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Paul O’Brien

Remedial Massage

(03) 9021 8684

Before completing his Massage Therapy Certificate, Paul has had an extensive background in sports science through working in the exercise rehabilitation area in both community health and sport. He is qualified in exercise prescription for general strength and fitness and has also been a teacher of health and physical education at all levels in the education system.

Paul has been an elite sportsmen and in addition, has a broad playing, participating and coaching experience in both Australian Football and Athletics. He is currently a running and speed coach at a high level community football club.

He has practiced yoga and meditation for 25 years and blends both eastern and western health approaches to his teaching, coaching and massage therapy practice.

He has recently graduated with a certificate of Massage Therapy through the highly reputable Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy (MIMT) and is now combining all the above experience into his massage practice and service.

Paul is available in our Carlton clinic for appointments on Saturdays.

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