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Dr. Kyle Lotz

Associate Chiropractor

(02) 4620 8630

Kyle Lotz is a chiropractor who has practised for 10 years. He is working at King Street Natural Health Centre as an Associate Chiropractor. He graduated in 2010, and has worked across many locations in NSW since. He has helped people of all walks of life, professions and backgrounds, with a particular focus on promoting better movement and daily functioning in my patients.

This starts by addressing pain, improving mobility and renewing confidence in getting back to daily activities. To get there, he offers a range of therapies such as Dry Needling, Chiropractic Adjustments, Soft Tissue Therapies and Rehabilitative Movement Patterning, along with education and advice to keep progressing towards better health and function. Kyle is looking forward to assisting you at King Street Natural Health Centre soon.

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