Home Visits Chiropractor

Want a Chiropractor to come to your home? Unable to drive to a Chiropractor? Would prefer a home visit?

Wellbeing Chiropractic is prepared and ready to supply the needs of the residents of Melbourne and surrounds. Our Chiropractors are willing and able to help with after hours home visits outside of the clinic. Chiropractors are never too far away as our team of 20+ chiropractors live and work all across the North, East, West and South of Melbourne. We have experience doing at home Chiropractor visits from many years as after hours chiropractors. Call 1300 123 365 anytime
If you’re after a home Chiro we have experienced chiropractors ready and waiting, equip with Arthrostim massage tools, a portable treatment table, activator adjustment instrument and knowledge of proper rehabilitation, exercises and advice needed to give people excellent service in their very own home.

Wellbeing Chiropractic prides itself on available, professional care to residents of Melbourne and surrounds, our clinic locations are:

So rest assured we will be able to see you, at home, outside clinic and after hours at a convenient time. Call 1300 123 365 anytime.

Facts about Chiropractors:
  • – Chiropractors undergo 5 years university training at prestigious universities in Australia.
  • – Chiropractors are regarded as primary healthcare providers, meaning you do not need a GP referral to see one.
  • – Chiropractors are trained to assess, examine and diagnose health conditions
  • – Treatment of neck pain, back pain and muscular tension are most commonly associated with Chiropractors
  • – There is no treatment for non-musculoskeletal conditions from Chiropractors
  • – The board that registers and monitors allied health professionals like at home chiropractors is AHPRA.
  • – Chiropractors are widely available around the world in places like America, Sweden and Canada to name a few

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